Why We Left: Real Stories from Real People

Josh Christensen hasn’t just gone through a life-changing, church transition—he’s gone through it twice. He first transitioned from Oneness Apostolic to Trinitarian Protestant while staying in the Holiness movement. Nine years later, he began attending a nondenominational church.

But, why? What causes a person to walk away from doctrines they’ve been taught their entire life? What drives a person to rethink the only belief system they’ve ever known? Josh understood that shifting his views on the personhood of God would cause him to be rejected by church family, friends, and relatives alike. They would come to see him as backslidden, rebellious, and even “pagan.” But, as Josh says, he “had to be right.” It wasn’t an easy choice, but staying in the belief system he was raised in would have costed him far more than leaving—staying would’ve costed him the truth.

In this video, we delve into Josh’s story looking at how and why he came to leave the United Pentecostal Church (UPC). We dig into questions about his initial doubts, battling uncertainty, sharing his findings, UPC history, the similarities Apostolics share with Trinitarian Holiness, and much more. We end with the million dollar question, “Is it rebellious to leave the belief system you were raised in?” Thank you so much for joining us in this candid conversation!

We realize not all viewers will come to the same conclusions as Josh, but we hope that hearing his story will help promote greater understanding in the Body of Christ. Being willing to hear another believer out is the first step in knowing how to best serve, love, and unify with them—just as Christ has called us to do. May the world see our love and may God receive the glory! (John 17:20-23) Thank you so much for comments, likes, and shares!