Believers are leaving cultish churches by the thousands—they need resources that are faith-based!

Your generosity makes it possible for Berean Holiness to shine a light for those who are leaving hyper fundamentalism. Through our educational content and community support, we provide what they need to disentangle from false teachings and connect with healthy faith community. Most importantly, we share the biblical gospel of grace—a message of hope that many never fully grasped while attending unhealthy churches.

In our 2023 survey,

25 people said Berean Holiness was influential in their salvation/return to faith

25 people said Berean Holiness was influential in them returning to church

61 people said Berean Holiness was influential in their decision to join a healthy church

82 people said Berean Holiness was influential in their decision to leave an unhealthy movement

141 people said Berean Holiness was influential in them changing beliefs on significant doctrines

167 people said Berean Holiness was influential in their personal transformation

249 people said Berean Holiness was influential in their changing beliefs on Holiness standards

253 people said Berean Holiness was influential in them coming to understand the biblical gospel

432 people said Berean Holiness was influential in them leaving hyper fundamentalism and rebuilding faith

The Need

Bad theology hurts people, and hyper fundamentalism is no exception. When a church goes beyond Scripture and begins creating detailed rules for its members (e.g. forbidding everything from beards to clear nail polish), it devolves into a high-control group. This level of control indicates other serious issues likely exist, such as authoritarianism, elitism, and tribalism.

Leaving such a group is only the beginning of a difficult and lonely season. Many who do face slander, shunning, and spiritual abuse, resulting in losing nearly all of their friends, mentors, faith community, support system, reputation, ministry positions… The years of false teaching give them a shaky theological foundation at best. Most have a distorted view of God, the gospel, and leadership.

No wonder so many have faith crises.

Tragically, in their time of crisis, believers leaving cultish groups are likely to only find secular, even anti-Christian, support and resources. From social media to secular counseling, “deconstruction” voices are loud. While they’re quick to offer sympathy for spiritual abuse, they’re also quick to argue that God is a “moral monster,” Jesus was just a man, and that traditional Christian values are oppressive.

No wonder so many who leave hyper fundamentalism leave faith entirely.

We believe the solution is for the Body of Christ to work together to create faith-based support and resources. Here at Berean Holiness, we are willing to build the team and do the work, but—just like with serving the homeless, the addict, or women with unplanned pregnancies—serving believers who are leaving cultish groups depends on financial partnership.

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The Called to Freedom conference has been the most spiritually uplifting fellowship I’ve ever experienced. I was able to be real and develop relationships in a safe place where I didn’t have to be false. – Tim
“As soon as I walked in the doors, it was like everything that I’ve been holding onto was bubbling over. I knew I had to surrender to it and let it happen. At Called to Freedom, my hope in Christ, in the church, was restored. I think it was the first step in healing. I gained clarity, community, even if just for the weekend, and hope here. Jesus met me here in the middle of my pain. He reminded me I will be okay and that I will heal.” Crystal Cruz
“I was born and raised within the oneness apostolic movement. For many years I lived in shame, guilt, fear, uncertainty, and confusion. I experienced many seasons of depression and anxiety due to my personal experience within the church. I knew my relationship with God was so much more than my outward appearance. For example, I was taught to believe that women that wore pants and called themselves Christians were in fact not Christian and were condemned unless they repented and changed… It took me years before I actively started to search for the truth and that’s how I found Berean Holiness. I felt like this was confirmation from God! I decided to join the Safeguards or Stumbling Blocks community group this Spring of 2023 and it was the best decision I made! I have learned so much and have gained the confidence needed to continue pursuing the truth. There IS freedom in Christ and this is only the beginning of my journey.” – A.S.
“I recently left my Church due to legalism, doctrinal error, man-made traditions and standards & spiritual abuse. I had no idea what to do or where to turn, I felt alone and uncertain. I do honestly believe that Berean holiness was a God-send because I was able to talk with others who had gone through similar experiences. I had help and resources to grow deeper in relationship with God in a healthy manner and the fear was removed and replaced with grace through faith in Christ.” – Jasmine W.
“Berean Holiness has given me a sense of community and encouragement in the Lord. I was able to find fellowship and was empowered to dive deep into scripture and stand by the word of God unashamed. It strengthened my relationship and identity within Christ. This group allowed me to truly disentangle false teaching, distortions, misconceptions, and confusion. I have been able to put my trust in God that while I may have left a church, that doesn’t mean I have to leave Him! I even felt comfortable enough to seek out a new church outside of legalism and gained so much confidence and community. This group helped me to feel safe and loved while I was on a journey of learning what the Bible says about faith, salvation, and holiness. I feel confident to read the Bible for myself now and spend time in His word. I think if I did not have such a strong group that Berean Holiness provided which supplied fellowship and encouragement, I would have gone through this process feeling much more lonely and less comfortable to step out in faith.” – Julia
I can’t recommend Berean Holiness Community groups enough!… it’s been truly life changing for me.  My walk with God has become deeper than ever before because I’m diving in and searching the scriptures with a renewed mind & heart. I was challenged to search the scriptures & to view them within context. The revelation that the work at the Cross was enough, Jesus’ sacrifice was enough, His grace is truly enough had me in tears during one Bible study.  This was a completely different narrative than I had heard all my life. I am truly thankful for their ministry & all the time and energy that’s being invested into this incredible resource. I would challenge and encourage anyone wanting to deepen their walk with God, dive deeper into His word, be able to discuss the scripture with like minded believers, to join a group & see what God has for you ♥️ ” Cat

Our vision is for every believer leaving a cultish church to have all the faith-based support and resources they need. But already, more people reach out to Berean Holiness than we have the capacity to serve well. Fulfilling our mission will require onboarding more staff.

Do you share in our desire to see believers who leave cultish churches grow and thrive in Christ?

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