Replacing Rules with Discipleship (Videos)

Why is Berean Holiness so passionate about parsing man-made rules from biblical truth? Why does it matter if we give other Christians a list of extra-biblical standards to live by? In this video, Nathan and Natalie dive headfirst into these questions as they discuss his popular article, “Replacing Rules with Discipleship.” Nathan answers many common reader questions including, “If we don’t tell people exactly how to apply scripture, how do we prevent them from going wild?” “What’s the alternative to preaching extra-biblical rules?” “What’s the difference between rules and principles?” “What is the appropriate place of extra-biblical rules?” “If pastors aren’t supposed to preach beyond the Bible, how can they preach against sins like pornography?” “If individuals are supposed to apply scripture for themselves, what is the place of the pastor?” and many more!

In this conversation, Nathan and Natalie discuss how adding rules to scripture stands in steep contrast to the biblical pattern of discipleship. Giving other Christians pre-made applications and pre-interpreted scripture can actually hinder discipleship and stunt individual growth, resulting in immature believers and a lack of personal discernment. This will also have a negative impact on Church unity and fellowship, as we divide over opinions rather than standing together on the Word of God.

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Handing out a set of extra-biblical rules has never been conducive to personal growth and maturity. It’s not the way Christ trained His followers, and it’s not a healthy way to train Christ-followers today. So, how did Jesus teach? Discipleship.

In this video, Nathan and Natalie looker deeper into 6 goals of discipleship, and the process it takes to reach them. They dig into Nathan’s popular article, “Replacing Rules with Discipleship,” and Nathan answers popular reader questions such as, “if we’re each supposed to apply scripture for ourselves, why would we need pastors?” and, “if it’s acceptable to come to different conclusions, wouldn’t that make truth relative?”

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