Public Dialogue Request

Hello! Thank you for considering engaging with us in public dialogue. In the year 2023, we are looking to host edifying, respectful, and structured conversations with Christians who disagree with us (especially Holiness Christians and/or Christians who emphasize strict, outward standards). These conversations will be published via video and audio recordings.

Our reason for hosting these conversations is to give listeners the opportunity to hear both sides (the Holiness/strict viewpoint and the Berean Holiness/mainstream viewpoint) accurately defended, so that they can make an informed decision when deciding which perspective most closely aligns with Scripture. 

Our goal is not to convince our guests of our position, but rather to have them accurately represent and clarify their position. We would like to compare and contrast our differing views, highlighting the similarities and differences. Our method will be to have representatives from both sides take turns answering the same set of questions; the main questions will be sent to our guest(s) in advance, so they will have time to adequately prepare. Hosting one guest at a time is what we are prepared to do, but conversations with two guests will be considered on a case by case basis.

Spaces are limited, so we apologize in advance for not accepting or responding to every public dialogue request. Applicants who have been know to leave sarcastic/unkind comments on the Berean Holiness social media or website are the least likely to be responded to. Please note that we may follow-up by asking for written clarification of your views and/or a preliminary interview before deciding on whether or not to move forward (or how to move forward) with a public conversation. We greatly appreciate your time and consideration of this opportunity!